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Install: Soil is the root of success

Installations and Renovation

At Preston Earth we specialize in garden installation. We can take care of all your planting and soil preparation needs. We partner with landscape construction companies and irrigation specialists to execute landscape-scale projects.



When installing or restoring a garden we take particular care with the soil, as the future success of the plantings depends on this. We analyze existing soils and the needs of the intended plants to create a customized soil to meet the needs of the plants.



We plant all our trees, shrubs, and perennials with attention and provide them with mycorrhizae inoculation and root stimulation to reduce stress and provide a healthy foundation. 


We work directly with growers in Colorado to source our plant material locally so we can provide strongly acclimatized plants. When possible we provide organic, sustainably grown plant materials from within our own region.


Successful projects require attention to detail and careful orchestration. When the objective is an ecologically sensitive process and artful result we can help assemble a team and guide the process to completion.

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