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Preston Earth LLC provides landscape design, installation, and maintenance services in the Roaring Fork Valley. We weave together multiple approaches to working with the land, incorporating the principles of art and design with the methods and practices of organic gardening, permaculture, and ecological design. We are a hands-on company with a wealth of experiential knowledge developed maintaining and installing gardens for over 15 years. It is our commitment to work with you, at all stages of your gardens evolution, to help you to create a garden that is a reflection of your desires and the genius of the place you live.


Sara Preston moved to the Roaring Fork valley in 2009, and founded Preston Earth in 2010. Sara has been designing and maintaining gardens for 16 years and has worked in Colorado, California and New England. Sara weaves her formal education as an artist and a landscape designer together with the experience and knowledge she has gained working as a gardener. She strives to create ecologically sound and responsible landscapes, and draws from permaculture principles, organic gardening practices, and the theory of art and design. Sara’s years of garden maintenance experience inform her planting design and result in masterful gardens that provide four-season interest. The combination of theory and practice result in an inspired and deeply practical approach to designing and maintaining the land.


Sara holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Art in Ceramics from the Maine College of Art and a Masters of Sustainable Landscape Design and Planning from the Conway School of Landscape Design. When Sara is not working for her clients she can be found hiking in the mountains or experimenting in her own gardens. Sara maintains her energy and fitness through yoga and has been a certified teacher since 2013.

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