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Consulting: Exploration, Discovery, and Sustainability

We offer consulting services on an hourly basis. Explore new ideas, learn about your gardens and property. Develop efficient systems that require less effort and resources and increase well being.

Sara Preston, BFA MALD can help you transform the environment around your home into a sanctuary.  Improve the sustainability of your landscape, make it easier to maintain, and maximize the health and beauty of your garden.

There is a beauty in a functioning system and an ease that can come with working with natural processes. Gardening at its roots is an act of influencing nature. Changing the natural systems to meet our aesthetic, or resource needs. With a rising recognition for the impotence of our environment and its complex natural systems people have become more attentive to protecting the environment and utilizing more sustainable practices. By integrating sustainable systems in our homes and gardens we can support our desire for more harmony with nature, and reduce expenses and waste, resulting a life that is easier to sustain.


  • Permaculture and Whole System approach
  • Organic gardening principles and practices
  • Sacred healing gardens
  • Native plantings

  • Edible Landscape

  • Xeric Landscapes

  • Habitat gardens for bees, butterfly and birds

  • Efficient use of water, water reducing practices (mulching, drip irrigation, irrigation timing)

  • Healthy soil microbiome

  • Composting

  • Incorporate Up-cycled and repurposed materials

  • Increase biodiversity

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