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PRESTON EARTH LLC P.O. Box 1202 Carbondale CO, 81623 prestonearth@gmail.com 415.686.9237

Landscape Installation


Preston Earth offers in-house garden installation services and works with a team of specialized subcontractors to manage large landscape installations. At Preston Earth we take pride in the quality of our work and our commitment to the pursuit of excellence.



The foundational structure of the landscape is made up of the hardscaping elements: paths, walls, fences, rocks, and sculptures. These elements will remain from season to season for many years. Special care is taken in their selection and placement as they make up the bones of the garden.



When installing or restoring a garden we take particular care with the soil, as the future success of the plantings depends on the soils. We analyze existing soils and the needs of the intended plants to create a customized soil to meet the needs of the plants.


Plant Material

We work directly with growers in Colorado to source our plant material locally so we can provide strongly acclimatized plants. When possible we provide organic, sustainably grown plant materials from within our own region.